“Precious Legal Aid” by Thomas Soares

Migrants who wish to obtain refugee status in Europe face a long road ahead. But there is legal help. Thomas Soares reports, while studying abroad in Greece with San Jose State University.

“Schools Shaping Young Lives” by Gabriel Mungaray

San Jose State journalism student Gabriel Mungaray travels four hours north of Athens to a school helping refugee children. Happy Caravan is looking for volunteers and donations in order to support its mission.

“Crisis or Not?” by Nicole Albillar

Italians in the area of Catania,, Sicily have divergent views of the refugee crisis. Global Studies major Nicole Alibillar spoke with students at a religious leader while on a study-abroad program with San Jose State University in the summer of 2019.

“Migration Is Like Water” by Chelsea Nguyen-Fleige

Refugees and migrants in Italy are viewed in many different ways. Chelsea Nguyen-Fleige examines their plight, interviewing refugees, students, professors and a police officer speaking as a private citizen in Sicily. Chelsea, a journalism major, filed this field report while participating in a faculty-led program with San Jose State University.

Social Work & Migration, by Kayla Marshall with Thomas Soares

Kayla Marshall is a graduate social work student who participated in the program. In this conversation with Thomas Soares, she describes her impressions. You can read the two research papers Kayla wrote while on the program by scrolling down on our website.

Italy’s Refugee Crisis: Research Paper

The U.S. and Italy’s administrations have fostered environments that are not welcoming towards migrants, and this hostility has at times has not distinguished between an asylum seeker or any person of color.

Refugee Services in Greece: Research Paper

While we have met many phenomenal service providers working with amazing organizations, we also know that there is a desperate need for more services for asylum seekers and better accessibility to exiting programs.

“A Kinder, Gentler Refugee Camp” by Chris Core

Journalism major Chris Core visits Pikpa, a refugee camp on Lesvos island in Greece. Pikpa, run by Lesvos Solidarity, is for the most fragile of migrants. In his first-ever video package, Chris compares Pikpa with the more well-known Moria refugee camp.

“The Stars in Their Eyes” by Melody Del Rio

Refugees, like anyone else, want to live without violence or fear, they want to be able to provide for their family and they want to have basic human rights. Though their destination might not be America, there is a sense that they strive for the American dream.