Photo Essay: “Sicilian Refugees” by Melody Del Rio

by Melody Del Rio

Benjamin decided to leave his country because of economical reasons. He left his wife and child back in Nigeria. He wonders the streets trying to find work but has no success. He said that all he has right now is his school. He attends Centro Astalli Catania.
Centro Interculturale i Aiuto ed Orientamento (Intercultural Center for Assistance and Orientation) was opened in January 2019. The program helps the needs of refugees of Siracusa and serve as a meeting point for people of different backgrounds to come together
The program had an exhibit that displayed portraits with the refugee’s story who came to Italy from Africa and Asia.
Osua is a refugee from Syria who came to Cantania, Sicily, Italy. He has been living in camp Cara Mineo for two years, however, by the end of June the camp will be closing. He has no idea if where he will be.
Tony Okoza is a refugee from Nigeria, Africa also is a resident in Cara Mineo. He came to Italy because he was being chased down by the same people who killed his only son. Tony left his wife and daughter in Nigeria and has not been in contact with them in five years.

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